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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  November 30, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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this mornings investigation into a terrifying escape from a convicted inmate. the deputy he injured and the neighborhood he terrorized. things are getting busier on the morning commute. we'll tell you where the hot spots are. a day of sunshine yesterday and really cold lows. a change in our forecast today. also one car, one pole, five people hurt. the overnight crash that sent several people to the hospital. the morning news continues. good morning thank you for joining us on this tuesday last day of november i'm pam cook. >> and good morning i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. here is steve. >> thank you. 30s this morning. higher clouds out there. the overnight low is running two to three degrees warmer. the highs today for some will
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be two or three degrees warmer. in the north bay there will be a lot more cloud cover. south bay some upper 50s. mountain view and fremont we'll go 58 to 59. here is sal. steve right now if you are driving in from interstate 80 anywhere along the carrty nites berkeley it's starting to get stop and go. this morning we're looking a the the commute from the south bay and it looks much better than it did yesterday. it's mostly clear. let's go back to dave and pam. thank you. an escaped inmate is back in custody this morning after he attacked a santa cruz sheriffs deputy during a hospital visit. now there is big questions about transporting inmating. claudine wong is joining us live from santa cruz. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. certainly the procedures will be looked at closely following
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this terrifying escape. we have talked to the hospital this morning. we won't confirm whether or not the inmate or deputy are still here. both are being treated for injuries after this escape attempt that left the preschool and neighborhood terrorized. this all started late yesterday morning when sheriffs deputies took convicted inmate maurice to get an mri. the sheriff department says one deputy was assigned to ainsworth and it was after that mri she was shackling him or attempting to shackle him when hetized her and took -- when hetaser her and took her gun. he got into an infant room where there were four babies. grabbed a teacher and demanded her keys. she handed the keys over and never got in the car. he spots authorities and took off and broke into a house.
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>> so frightened everybody a dog went running out of the house. and a dog made an escape route for the parents who ran out as well leaving the guy in the house by himself. >> reporter: police went into the house after him and a heavily armed swat team brought the 6'7", 250 inmate into custody. he was in custody awaiting charges he broke into a home of march of last year. in that incident he threatened three people in that home. also in 2009 he has convictions of kidnapping, robbery, and burglary. and 2008 for burglary, and robbery, and injuring a peace officer. certainly this morning what they want to figure out is how he actually made it away and if there was a problem with procedure. there was one deputy for this one inmate and they will look
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at whether obviously they need to change procedures to make sure the transports and procedures are more secure. two people are in custody accused of burglary and identity theft crimes that may stretch from the bay area to sacramento. the crime spree ended according to police when 45-year-old frank sullivan impersonated a fire inspector. he did it to get into the employee area and he left when one employee asked him for his id. that's whenth restaurant manager sprang into action. >> i just ran after him. i didn't want him to get away with it. i had my three inch heels on and booked it down the street. luckily he tripped and fell. >> sullivan and 43-year-old carrie were found with stolen property from six different victims and it's believed they may be responsible for similar
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crimes. the suspects are being held in the sonoma county jail. 6:04. there is a police sketch released by palo alto police for a man wanted in an attempted rape. you are looking at that sketch now. police say the woman escaped after fighting off her attacker. the man is described as white in his late 20s or early 30s. 6'1" tall and weighing 175 pounds. he has short dark hair and a goatee and wearing a white tee shirt and jeans. tens of thousands of dollars worth of computers and ipods stolen from a belmont high school. police hope to make headway in that investigation today. jade hernandez is in belle hospital today with -- is in belmont today with more on the investigation. >> reporter: a teacher made the discovery in a classroom.
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burglars had forced the classroom door open and stole 25 white apple mac books and 30 black apple ipod touches. the equipment is used on a daily basis for social study classes. what has been stolen has been valued at $30,000. they believe four days will lead them to the thieves and get away vehicles. detectives are also analyzing physical evidence in this investigation. school staff told us the computers were stored on a docking station and padlock so the thieves may have used some sort of tool to break through the locks. the thieves are said to have broken into the school some time after they let out wednesday afternoon and when they resumed yesterday morning. >> from the outside they broke through the window and rolled down the window and apparently came through the window. the poor teacher when i came in had tears in their eyes when she told me i came to work today. she said someone over the
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holiday break broke in and took all the computers she had stored in that special unit. >> reporter: police hope to get through the surveillance video today so they can release a better description of the thieves. reporting live jade hernandez ktvu channel 2 news. five people were rushed to the hospital a couple of hours ago after a car smashed violently into a pole. this all happened at 3:00 this morning at munich street and brazil avenue. police still are not sure how it happened, but they have confirmed as you look at the pictures five people were brought into san francisco general overnight. we also learned this morning all five of the victims were inside the car at the time. police are investigating whether or not alcohol may have been involved. all right let's check back in with sal who is looking at the east bay. what is going on sal? >> right now traffic in
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livermore for example which is a very heavy area of the east bay obviously is looking pretty good. you can see the road sensors not showing much. a little bit of slowing coming in but that's about all. if you are driving in hayward and union city just a little slowing already 880 southbound near 92 and that is about all. live pictures of the toll plaza still has not become too heavy but we are getting a little bit of a back up there. nice drive on westbound bay bridge come into the city. let's go to steve. thank you temperature confidence level first things first a plus. high clouds. mild highs for saturday and sunday c minus. i'm grading on the curve. no it's really tough as we head if to sat and sunday. pa turn looks like it's -- pattern looks like it's changing and we may go through a mild pattern. a lot of high clouds streaming
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in advance of this cold front which is hanging around and hanging up i should say. it appears a little low for it. see that. that is a low forming. it will do this to the front. it looks like it will get kicked in around friday if you believe one forecast model. and another one won't be until saturday. don't cancel any plans but we will massage this forecast. today a little warmer on the lows due to the high clouds. steve it's so cold out there. i know it's cold out there. 54. 59 for san jose. forecast today more clouds toward the north bay. santa rosa i went 57 today. a little bit more filtered sunshine as you work your way south. santa clara 59. the days are very, very short but at least if you're in the sun from 1:00 to 3:00 it's not
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bad. oakland yesterday 56 we'll go 57 today. 45 san francisco yesterday they were 42. 32 concord and livermore. about two or four degrees warmer. especially napa and san rafael. they dropped to 29. tahoe yesterday minus nine for a low. minus 11 in truckie. today it's running noticeably warmer. now they are 50 with cloud cover and wind. it's cold down in las vegas and san diego that is chilly for them. you can seat high clouds in advance of the -- you can see the high clouds in advance of the system. yesterday was sunny side up. a little chill in the morning air. today slightly warmer. especially toward santa clara valley. mid radio -- mid 50s to upper
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50s. i'm bringing the front through on friday. the confidence level is low. saturday partly sunny which is a huge cwa but we will get to that a little later. pam and dave. >> thank you, steve. remember enron it's not just releasing government documents a big american bank is next and the website founder compares it to the fallout add enron. and president obama is trying to push republicans on key issues that could impact your pocketbooks. i will show you what is on the agenda for the white house summit.
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good morning to you. welcome back. today the pentagon will release its long awaited information on the policy don't ask don't tell. they have been pressuring president obama to make good on that policy. reportedly 70% of those respondee not opposed to lifting the ban. a very diverse panel of judges will hear arguments on the proposition 8 appeal. steven reinhardt has been assigned the case.
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michael hawkins and conservative randy smith who was opponented by george w. bush. the federal judge overturned the debate saying the ban is unconstitutional. now they are trying to decide whether to uphold that ruling. the arguments are set for december 6th. tensions are still high between north and south korea today morning. thousands turned out for a protest in seoul today condemning north korea's attack on a south korean island. meantime foreign ministers from south korea, u.s., and japan agreed to meet in washington soon to discuss how to defuse the volatile situation and the chairman of north korea's parliament arrived in china today. following a call for emergency consultations. an obama administration has
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launched an on-going criminal investigation into wikileaks documents. the justice department will prosecute anyone found to have violated u.s. law in the leaks of classified government documents. secretary of state hillary clinton called the latest release of diplomatic cables an attack on the international community. >> there is nothing brave about sabotaging the peaceful relations between nations on which our common security depends. >> wikileaks is continuing to release more of the diplomatic cables throughout this week. one release today says afghan president hamid karzai pardoned five police officers caught with nearly 300 pounds of heroin because they were related to heroic historic figures. just about in an hour and a half president obama will meet with democrats and republicans
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at the white house. this is their first meeting since republicans took control of the house. good morning alison. >> reporter: good morning to you, dave, what happens at this mornings white house summit could have a big impact on your pocketbook. this is video we shot yesterday of unployed -- unemployed people looking for jobs at a job center. president obama will push leaders to extend unemployment benefits for a million americans. he will work toward a deal on the bush era tax cuts that expire in a month. democrats don't want to extend them for the rich. president obama is expressing interest in finding middle ground on taxes and issues. >> we face challenges that will need the cooperation of democrats and republicans. >> reporter: this mornings
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meeting marks first time john boehner and senate republican leader mitch mcconnell has sat down with president obama at the white house since the power shifting elections and neither of them has indicated much willingness to cooperate with him. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns ktvu channel 2 news. later this morning the san mateo county board of ss is aimed at blocking the first medical marijuana dispensary. it would be located on bay road. last month the collective won approval from the county licensing board but the da, the sheriff, and residents appealed. they argued among other things that the proposed site violates county law because it's less than a thousand feet from a school. everyone behaving at the toll plaza? >> so far right now.
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if you have anything you want to pass around you can go to if you have anything on the traffic page you can send me something on twitter. traffic is backed up for a five minute delay. on this tuesday we have been easing into it. that's pretty good. i have a feeling things won't stay this light forever. south bay already getting a little bit of slowing here downtown northbound and southbound 280 a little bit of slowing there on the road sensors. nothing major there. driving on the prince la highway -- peninsula highway 101 looking good. let's go to steve. thank you. it's a little warmer this morning. not the 20s or very low 30s you are seeing mid 30s to 40s. you can see a lot of the higher clouds. cold and high clouds right there. that's what is streaming over
6:20 am
us. this is giving us a little bit warmer lows. we will have filtered sunshine. it will be partly to mostly cloudy to the north. kind of hazy sun to the south but mild upper 50s for some. san jose one of the warmest locations went 59 for a high compared to where we have been in the last ten days. the only key is it doesn't last very long. we will go for a high of 65 today. oakland and berkeley 40 compared to 42 yesterday. palo alto 44. so you can see in advance of a front right there it's moving toward oregon it will put on the breaks and fall over the north bay and peel back and come in toward the end of the week. so we will deal with it at the end of the week. filtered sun.
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highs 50 and 60. mostly cloudy partly sunny wednesday into thursday going rain right now friday. i'm hanging my hat on one forecast model. the other two or three say it will be saturday. i'm trying to do the best i can to give you a nice weekend. pam and day. >> thank you. wikileaks is not stopping with the government. the founder tells forbes magazine a big american bank is next. thousands of documents set to be released to the fallout at enron and it will lead to investigation in bank reform. he also says wikileaks has damaging unpublished material from pharmaceutical companies, finance firms, and energy companies just to name a few that will be released at later dates. the 24 hour fitness chain is settling a class action lawsuit for a $295 million
6:22 am
settlement. the gym kept making automatic deductions from bank accounts after they canceled their memberships. they will reendorse 124 members for $20 each or can have a preaccess membership. a new audio release for the deadly tiger attack at the san francisco zoo. what the two men said just hours after that attack. a five hour hostage comes to end. hear what people are saying about the teenage gunman. ♪ one taste, and you'll understand. delicious dunkin' donuts coffee. pick some up where you buy groceries. mm! america runs on dunkin'.
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bay area bridges right now looking pretty good. a little bit of slowing at the toll plaza. they had switched the metering lights on. san mateo and golden gate doing very nicely. let's go back to the desk. alameda prosecutors have filed the papers for releasing mehserle on bail. he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. this coming friday his lawyers will ask for bail as reappeals his conviction and two year sentence. a high school was closed today as investigators try to
6:26 am
figure out why a 15-year-old boy took a classroom full of students hostage. starting yesterday afternoon in marinette, wisconsin it's about an hour knot of green bay. witnesses say the students were watching a film in class when the teenager pulled out a gun and shot the projector and took the teacher and 22 other students hostage. >> as the officers approached him, the suspect then fired one shot and injured himself in a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> none of the hostages were hurt. the gunmans condition has not been released. grief counselors are being made available for anyone who needs some help dealing with what happened. san francisco police have released an audio recording of the police interview with the two brothers mauled during the deadly tiger attack at the san francisco zoo three years ago.
6:27 am
paul dhaliwal told police i felt like i was going to die. i couldn't like even like every breath i was taking was like my last breath. on christmas day 2007 240-pound siberian tiger tatiana escaped her cage and attacking three men and killing one of them. the taped interviews with the two survivors brothers paul and kabil dhaliwal. 6:27. shocked parents in the east bay are wondering who did this. >> we will have to make it fort knox for chickens. >> having to protect pet chickens after someone does the unthinkable.
6:28 am
questions surround procedures around the sheriff office after a inmate escapes. the opening bell is about to ring on wall street. pam will bring you the early stock numbers.
6:29 am
6:30 am
there is the opening bell live this morning in new york. a big name cast there. lye is a manlily is there. that is kenneth cole. >> the kenneth cole? >> the kenneth coal, cole, i believe. tomorrow december 1st is world aids day. so they are there raising awareness for aids research and finding a cure and they are opening the bell. it doesn't look like a very good day terms of stock what is happened overnight in asia and
6:31 am
this morning in europe. we will talk about that and get the numbers in a little bit. >> you sure will. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. time now 6:30. an inmate accused of attacking a santa cruz deputy is accused of new charges now now claudine wong is live now. >> reporter: we are at dominican hospital. we are waiting for hospital officials to arrive this morning. we are trying to confirm if the miniinvolved in this and the deputy -- if the inmate involved in this and the deputy. this morning there will be a lot of questions surrounding this escape and if policies and procedures need to be changed. maurice ainsworth was in custody waiting for charges after breaking into ha home and
6:32 am
threatened people inside that home. he also according to court records has convictions in 2009 for kidnapping, robbery, and burglary, and felony convictions in 2008 for burglary, autotheft, and injuring a peace officer. that raises questions how his transport was staffed yesterday. it was late yesterday morning when deputies took ainsworth to the hospital to get an mri. after the mri the deputy was trying to shackle him when he attacked her tasered her. ainsworth is 6'7", 270 pounds and has a reputation for hurting police officers. the question is was there enough protection? >> i'm not prepared to speak if it was proper to have one deputy with one inmate. that will be an issue we will
6:33 am
address later. >> reporter: ainsworth made his escape late morning yesterday and was taken into custody at 4:30. he left a terrorized neighborhood and preschool. he held a preschoolteacher hostage and took the car keys and took off. he didn't get into that car. he was actually then brought here to dominican for treatment. the deputy he attacked was also treated for her injuries. so this morning we're still waiting for confirmation that they are still here and still waiting to talk to the sheriffs department as well. live here until santa cruz claudine wong. time now 6:33. a mother of an antioch man that fell to his death from a radio tower says he was probably up there star gazing.
6:34 am
they found 25-year-old steven tas tassels body early saturday morning. his mother says tassels death was probably an accident. it's a sell died of several blunt force injuries that may have come when he hit the roof of the transmitter building. four napa police officers now are on administrative leave as the police department investigates sunday's fatal shooting of a 60-year-old man. they were called to richard pociha is home at 3:00 in the afternoon when his wife called and described him as suicidal. when police arrived there was an altercation. police used a taser on him and shot and killed him. neighbors and witnesses are giving their version of what happened. they saw him with his hands up a enreportedly complying with officers. napa police say they cannot release any details about the
6:35 am
incident because they are being investigated. an out of control car in santa cruz damaged dozens of graves at a cemetery. a man knocked down a short fence at the memorial cemetery yesterday morning. he ended up inside the cemetery. knocked over two tombstones and left tire tracks. the man was taken to the hospital but police say his injuries are not life threatening. they say this is a fifth time in four years that a driver has crashed to that fence. an investigation is under way at a concord elementary school after they killed two of the pet chickens. six chickens were being raised by the second grade class meant to teach the students about the life cycle of animals. now only four remain after someone found some dead chickens they were discovered by a custodian the day before thanksgiving. >> somebody really took time. they would have had to climb over two fences and break open
6:36 am
a padlocked door to the chicken coop and pull it right off the hinges. and catch the chickens and then hang them. >> the four surviving chickens have been moved temporary to a teachers home before the coop can be made secure. they are treating the incident as vandalism and animal cruel by. time now 6:35 an arraignment is scheduled for a teacher accused of having sex with a teenage student. the alleged victim is 17 years- old. he had a relationship with the teacher since december, 2009. in san francisco the owners of more than 300 problem properties is facing a new annual fee if the building is not cleaned up. the city instituted the tune
6:37 am
for the neglected building. of those 283 have paid the $765 fine. 150 buildings have been removed from the list because owners have applied for permits or properties are up for rent or sale. time now 6:36. muni is working to solve a very expensive problem. muni operators cannot do their jobs because they lost their licenses. kraig debro is joining us live from san francisco. he has the details. craig. >> reporter: yes, good morning. we're at the petreo station. i was just inside talking to muni drivers and operators and they say this is another example of negative media attention. according to the san francisco examiner there are up to 50 unlicensed drivers that means drivers that were unable to operate the machines they were hired to operate because they lost their licenses.
6:38 am
the reason medical examinations or due to other reasons for a dui or failure to renew on time. in addition to that some of the drivers are out on medical leave for a year or more. the article says it costs the city $12,000 in health benefits every time these drivers are out. i talked to the drivers inside they tell me after a month they have to pay their own health benefits any way. according to the drivers this is not only another example of negative media attention but a conservative effort to management to purge the union from the cities conference rather the cities having to pay the union members expensive benefits. according to the article as of october 20th. 52 operators lack a license. seven of those lost their license a month ago. and 29 had gone on leave sometime in 2010 and another 20
6:39 am
in 2009. we are supposed to be talking to john halely who is the munis operate chief. we got a call into his person who handles his publicity. 6:38 a holiday tradition continues in san francisco thanks to the u.s. postal service. for more than a hundred years the postal service has helped santa clause by collecting some of the letters addressed to santa. operate santa has brought in volunteers to help answer these letters. if you are interested in adopting a letter visit your postal office on evans street in san francisco and get more information. make a kid happy. >> that is night. santa can help. let's check in with sal. >> we are seeing crowding at the toll plaza here. you will see the traffic is going to be slow coming up it's
6:40 am
about a ten minute delay. nothing too major. it will stay this way for awhile barring any crashes on the bridge. looking at 880 north and southbound we have been doing pretty well when it comes to collisions. we do have a new collision reported westbound 4 just before willow pass road. we will try to find that on the camera. looks at the camera on round top it's fogged in. we may not be able to see highway 4. at 6:40 let's go to steve. thank you, sir. oh my goodness here we go for those of you that is your day. partly cloudy but warmer. i just heard from larry on my tweet. he said five degrees warmer this morning. it's still cold but would you have five degrees warmer or colder than yesterday. we are making progress due to the high clouds. it's cold but not the 20s or
6:41 am
low 30s. more mid 30s and upper 40s. higher clouds. mild highs today. upper 50s. cold lows baa they are now -- but they are now warmer. rain friday i'm going friday. other forecast models say saturday. it's an extremely tough call. confidence level is low. just as we stand right now don't cancel any plans right now. the front is putting on the breaks. it's up there where it says cold. you can see a low forming on that. we'll have cloud cover and partly to mostly cloudy day. san hoe say starting off 36, 45, and then 59 for a hay today. slightly warmer for most. from 58-57 you may not notice it. only people in weather will
6:42 am
notice it. santa clara 58 we'll go 59 today. yesterday oakland dropped to 32 for a record low. they are 40 so that is much warmer. san jose at 38 degrees. ten in tahoe. yesterday they were nine below. 50 in eureka. clouds up there and strong south wind in advance of that front. for us will be a stream of high clouds. filtered sun and high clouds. a little breezy in high evasions. 50s mid 50s. a lot of clouds wednesday into thursday. i swing this system through on friday and get it out of here by saturday. again confidence level is low. all right, thank you, steve. a heartbreaking crime a bay area bookkeeper accused of stealing from a local soldier while he was stationed in iraq. a school suffers a $50,000
6:43 am
loss. why police are hoping for a breakthrough in the investigation today. good morning northbound 280 traffic is moving a long a little bit slowly today. we'll tell you more coming up.
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6:45 am
good morning to you. welcome back. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you right now.
6:46 am
today the pentagon will release its long awaited study on how members of the military feel about gays serving in the military. top military officials will testify in front of congress about the don't ask don't tell policy. police in palo alto release this sketch of a man in attempted rape. that woman escaped. she managed to fight him off. five people were rushed to san francisco general hospital just hours ago. after the car they were riding in slammed into a pole. police are not sure how this all happened. they are also investigating whether drugs or alcohol were involved. today police in belmont hope to make progress in the investigation of stolen computers and ipods from a high school over the thanks giving holiday weekend. jade hernandez is live in belmont. >> reporter: the hope was to get through all of the
6:47 am
surveillance footages at the school through by today. the hope is that if police finish they can share the images with us and we can share those images with you. the stolen equipment here at claremont high school is valued at $50,000. burglars stole 25 mac books and 30 ipods. surveillance cameras could be what leads them to the thieves and get away vehicles. they are convinced whatever the cameras captured will help in the investigation and help this community understand why someone needs to steal from a school. >> the poor teacher when i came in they had tears in her eyes when she told me. she said someone over the holiday broke in and took all the computers that they had stored in that special unit. and this is how they got in. >> reporter: the equipment stolen is used on a daily basis
6:48 am
for social study classes. first period starts here at claremont at 8:00 a.m.. reporting live jade hernandez. a brizbiane bookkeeper is accused of stealing money from a soldier in iraq. he came home in march of 2008 and accused his bookkeeper kenneth mccall of stealing more than $30,000 to his savings and charges to his credit card. the hearing is set for december 10th. two bay area men will go to trial next week for charges of animal neglect. one is the co-owners of goats-r- us. the other is a goat herder with the company. last month animal control officers found dozens of the goats dead or malnourished on
6:49 am
the grounds of the naval hospital in oakland. time now 6:48. you said things are starting to pick up on the roads now. >> that's right. we do have a couple of accidents in the area of contra costa county. we have a crash westbound 4 at willow pass road. and crash 242 northbound at clayton road. that is in the noncommute direction. police and fire at both crashes. highway 4 is not doing well. or highway 4 camera is fogged in which sun usual i look at all our other pictures and things are clear. let's go to interstate 880 and that traffic is getting busier but it's not stop and go. at the bay bridge toll plaza we have a back upstarting. it's about ten minutes or so. metering lights are on. let's go to steve. thank you. high clouds. beautiful sunrise and slightly warmer overnight lows.
6:50 am
temperatures it's still cold out there but temperatures are coming up three to five degrows compared to 24 hours ago. you can see it's an advance of a cold front that will tease us through the next couple of days and that will swing through. a cold morning but not as cold. higher clouds with filtered sunshine. san jose warmed up a little bit. near 60 after everything is said and done even though the days are short may not be that bad around 1:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon. san francisco will go to 56. two degrees warmer than yesterday. their low is running two degrees warmer than yesterday. the big jump oakland-berkeley now 40. palo alto 34. napa that is 25 is 36 right now. ten in tahoe. 34 ukiah. 50 eureka because of the strong south wind in advance of that system. it's not going to do much but spin in a lot of high clouds.
6:51 am
high clouds. filtered sun. a little breeze in the higher elevations. 50s to 59 should be the spread. those are still below average temps. cloudy. partly cloudy. i swing that system through friday but confidence level is low on that. thank you steve. in the last half hour the latest report of home prices was released and they dropped again in september. the prices fell in 18 of the 20 largest real estate markets for an overall loss of .06 of a percent. checking in on wall street and the broader markets thousands morning as you -- markets and this morning as you can see concerns about interest rate hike in china and the debt concerns about across europe continues and that is taking
6:52 am
the markdowns as well. typos can really come back and bite you when you pay your bills on line. a bay area man found out the hard way you can't forget a decimal point. california's new plan for prisoners. it will help reduce crowding.
6:53 am
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6:55 am
6:54 let's go to tori to see what is coming up on mornings on 2. good morning. coming up in minutes we're outside the hospital this morning where an inmate and guard where the inmate attacked were being treated. this was during an escape attempt where an inmate ran into a preschool and put a gun to a teachers head. in just a few weeks it will be legal to bring guns on board some amtrak trains. we will explain the conditions that will be followed and which trains will not allow you to pack heat. it's official the giants are in the market for a new shortstop now that juan uribe signed with the dodgers and they got the best player in that position in the majors. those stories and more coming up. thank you. time now 6:55. today there is word another 6,000 prisoners will be shipped out of state.
6:56 am
this is as a supreme court hears california's appeal today for a federal mandate to reduce overcrowded prisons. the california has 164,000 inmates but they are only equipped to handle 100,000. half will go to a private facility in michigan. the rest will go to colorado and minnesota. let's go back over to sal before the top of hour and check in on the commute. how is it going? >> we're watching the toll plaza. coming up on mornings on 2 we will be watching that toll plaza. it's not bad a ten minute delay. once you get on to the bridge it looks good. we'll have a complete update coming up. let's go to steve. sal, we have a lot of high clouds over us today. the lows while they are cold they are running 3-5 degrees warmer. we are seeing a lot of mid 30s to upper 40s. a little bit more cloud cover toward the north bay so mid 50s
6:57 am
for many. back to you two. the san francisco giant world series title means more than a citied a ration and championship ring. major league baseball says the bonus money is more than $317,000. the giants awarded 50 full- timeshares. no one is releasing the names on who received the money but former giants catcher bengie molina could get both payoffs from both world series teams. texas rangers is worth $260,000 each. the pittsburgh man found out the hard way the important of decimal point when paying online. without typing in the decimal point he ended up paying $6,894 and had to wait several weeks for a refund. he said it took less than the six weeks com cast told him it
6:58 am
would take but it was still too long. a southwest jet was pulled out of service after making an emergency landing. and a popular grocery line chain is closing its doors.
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